"Algunas empresas sueñan con grandes logros, mientras que otras no dormimos cumpliéndolos"

The vision of Sermalogic is to become in a reference Company in the IT sector, growing in the national and international markets.

Sermalogic’s mission is to attend the market necessities in the field of the information technologies and communications, giving enhanced services, with the qualities required by our customers and enabling the professional development of who compose it, and the satisfaction of its shareholders.

SeriounessImage of solvency, requirements, safety and efficiency in all our actions.
Commitment: The set of obligations that we accept freely when arriving into the company, means the fulfillment of the agreements and goals we set as a group.
Teamwork: collective of professionals working cohesively toward a common goal
Respect: The treatment of people should be with consideration and deference, both inside and outside the organization.
Integrity: Paradigm of honesty, integrity and work in the line of ethics and morality common.

The team that leads the company has the compromise to assume that mission, vision and company values as their own, and being the base line of continuity and future success.

Sermalogic SL accepts and encourages the challenge of innovation. It has an organizational culture that values as fundamentals characteristics the innovation, continuous improvement and constant change.