¿Por qué elegir Sermalogic?

Sermalogic was created in 1995 from the experience of a professional group from the services world, with the aim to having the capacity, agility and the enough competitiveness to capture and to apply what our customers and market demand, forgetting old and solids formulas, costly and outdated.

Since the begining our goal is to fully customize the service according the specific requirements of each company, moving with them in future solutions.

We are committed to quality standards demanded by the market. We know that to survive us a service company, there is only one way, the service quality and efficiency. Sermalogic has developed a professional culture, based in the knowing and applying that quality signifies and represents in each customer, to adapt in to their necessities. Our Values:Seriouness: Image of solvency, requirements, safety and efficiency in all our actions. • Commitment: The set of obligations that we accept freely when arriving into the company, means the fulfillment of the agreements and goals we set as a group • Teamwork: Collective of professionals working cohesively toward a common goal. • Respect: The treatment of people should be with consideration and deference, both inside and outside the organization. • Integrity: Paradigm of honesty, integrity and work in the line of ethics and morality common.